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Convert followers and visitors into callers. Gather phone numbers and track leads for business growth.

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Linkdial is a business page optimized to tunnel traffic through a phone call. Your audience is calling you privately via a virtual number and voicemail included in your membership. You keep track of all leads and phone numbers, turning your visitors into clients. Give a priority lane to people who are ready to talk!



Too many visitors are lost in messy social profiles and websites. Visitors often bounce because they need something NOW. Linkdial is designed to put your visitors on a phone call and give them instant confidence and gratification. We turn visitors into callers; you turn callers into clients!


Collect Leads

Keep track of all callers. Your voicemails and calls are conveniently stored in your call logs. Get access to your visitors' phone numbers; answer their calls or get back to them at your convenience. All the data is yours, so you can grow your business rapidly.


Easy, fast, and Affordable.

Websites are overloaded with content, hard to navigate, and expensive to manage. Linkdial is simple, easy, and extremely fast. No developers to deal with, no code, and our pricing will put a smile on your face!


Flexible and stress-free.

In a meeting? Taking a rest? Linkdial lets you set working hours, so you can switch your brain and phone off at the end of the day. All missed calls are directed to a business voicemail included in the cost of membership. Your branded Linkdial profile conceals your personal number private, separating your business and private life.


Is Linkdial for Me?

Linkdial is perfect for freelancers and small businesses working over the phone in a modern, dynamic environment. We offer the most practical and affordable way to develop meaningful connections with your prospects, so you can quickly convert them into paying customers.